How should I submit my entry?

We strongly encourage online submissions whenever possible as this speeds up the time it takes to process entries and best of all, it’s free! However we are accepting hard copies and would appreciate these being submitted  to our postal address as soon as possible. We will confirm receipt of the same. If your story is not typed, please take care to ensure the writing is legible

I am a Samoan living in New Zealand, do I submit my story in the 3. Samoa area or the 1. Australia -New Zealand area?

Your story should be submitted in the 3. Australia-New Zealand area. You enter the competition from where you are currently residing.

How soon can I send my entry in?

You can send it in as soon as you like. Please note the deadline for entries is the last day they will be accepted.

Does the entry have to be a story about Tusitala?

No, the use of the word Tusitala is simply part of the name of the competition.